• Falgun Rathod
  • 18 Apr, 2023
  • 1 Min Read

What is Ethical Hacking Training and Why You Might Need It?

You might picture a man working with codes on large machines in a dark room filled with hefty racks and blinking lights when you think about hackers, right? Hackers have a bad reputation due to movies and television shows, yet there are also some good hackers. These people engage in ethical hacking. The market for ethical hackers has grown as a result of the rise in cyberattacks, as businesses now employ them to safeguard their data against black hat hackers engaged in illicit activities. The tough task of becoming an ethical hacker, however, entails substantial knowledge on tools, techniques, and penetration testing.  

Ethical hacking: What is it? 

For those who are unfamiliar, ethical hackers are knowledgeable people who are given access to the network by authorized personnel in order to identify flaws in the system. Candidates for this position should be familiar with networking techniques as well as technologies like Linux, social engineering, cryptography, and database management systems (DBMS).  

Learning how black hat hackers function can enable white hat hackers or ethical hackers to:  

  • Identify and rank probable threats. 
  • Reduce the prospective threat’s effects.
  • Assign limited resources to lower the likelihood of a successful attack. 
  • Utilize the latest industry practices to swiftly, effectively, and thoroughly test new products for security. 
  • Learn more on coding errors that ought to be avoided.

Learning the art of Ethical Hacking is about: 

 Learning how to code effectively and become familiar with operating systems like Windows, iOS, LINUX, and UNIX, 

  • having a solid foundation in computer networking and data security as well as in more sophisticated topics like virtual private networks (VPNs), cryptography, firewalls, and various cyberattacks like Denial-of-service assaults, 
  • And finally, earning a certification from a reputable institution will enhance your professional standing as an ethical hacker and lend you more credibility. 

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