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The curriculum is set up to meet different cyber security goals, which helps students move closer to the career goals they have set for themselves.

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Our workshops are created with the varied objectives and aspects of the industry requirements in mind.

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Hello, I am Falgun, the program's main instructor. I enjoy ethical hacking and cybersecurity. I enjoy tutoring cyber security students.

I offer perimeter defence, vulnerability identification, secure network architecture, intrusion detection systems, and penetration testing.
I have worked with start-ups and respectable businesses, as well as a consultant for state and national security, bringing innovative technologies to market and bridging the gap between technical and executive stakeholders with my experience in positioning technology for acquisition.

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Our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind training programme with the intention of bridging the gap between new college grads who are interested in beginning careers in professional domains and the companies that are looking to hire them. Our approach is unique in that, in addition to providing our students with one-of-a-kind training courses, we also give the most effective course structure that is currently available…
Ethical Hacking training courses

Cybersecurity Jobs Report: 3.5 Million Unfilled Positions In 2025

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    Ethical Hacking training
    Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

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    To be eligible, you must have minimal knowledge to operate computer systems or have High School Certification. To be eligible, you must have a basic understanding of computer systems or a high school diploma.
    Our certification is entirely legitimate. Once received, it will be effective and valid forever.
    It’s not required that you know about code or networking to become a hacker or an expert in cyber security. It’s great if you do, but it’s not necessary.
    There are many job opportunities in cyber security in multiple verticals across the globe.

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