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What is the eligibility criteria to join courses of SCS ?

To be eligible, you must have minimal knowledge to operate computer systems or have High School Certification. To be eligible, you must have a basic understanding of computer systems or a high school diploma.

Is Programming or Networking Knowledge is required to do this course or start career in Cyber security ?

It’s not required that you know about code or networking to become a hacker or an expert in cyber security. It’s great if you do, but it’s not necessary.

What the accreditation or Credibility of the Certification that I will receive?

Certification received by Candidate from SCS is valid acknowledged by Global Companies and Government too because we are ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 Certified company with more than 15 years of Experience in the Industry.

Does certificate have any Validity?

Our certification is entirely legitimate. Once received, it will be effective and valid forever.

What about the Job Opportunities after My Certification?

There are many job opportunities in cyber security in multiple verticals across the globe.

Can we get Job after completing this Course from SCS ?

Yes, Absolutely. We help and assist Students to get Jobs. We have done tie up with many promising companies where our students are being interviewed and Placed.

Do we need to give any exam to pass this Certifications?

Yes, We not only take exam but also monitor the overall Performance of the tasks/assignments On completion of successful clearance of tasks and practical exams, the candidate will be eligible to get Certificate.

Do you provide Demo Classes ?

No, We don't provide any free or paid demo classes.

Do SCS provide any training material?

Yes, Soft copies of the materials will be provided.

How will I receive the Certification?

Candidate will receive E-Certification.

How I will receive my Invoice or Payment Receipt?

Invoice Copy will be shared on Email provided at the time of registration.

Which language will be used for mode of training?

English and Hindi will be the primary language.