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Ethical Hacking training courses

Our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind training programmer with the intention of bridging the gap between new college grads who are interested in beginning careers in professional domains and the companies that are looking to hire them. Our approach is unique in that, in addition to providing our students with one-of-a-kind training courses, we also give the most effective course structure that is currently available. These programmes give the benefits of a technology-specific practical approach to the industries that are already in existence, and they include research and development, projects, and seamless assignments into their full-day training structures.

Training For Developers

Introduction to Hacking & Cyber Attacks
Understanding Web Application Architecture 
Understanding Networks & Servers
Introduction to VAPT
Application Security Risks
Mobile Application Security (OWASP Top Ten Mobile Application Vulnerabilities) 
OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities (How to Identify and Mitigations)
Case Studies 
Other Known and not so well-known Vulnerabilities
VAPT Reporting & Documentation 
Automated Testing (Profiling the Scans & Interpreting Reports) 
API Security (OWASP Top Ten API Vulnerabilities) 
Threat Modelling 
Global Frameworks and Application Security 
Dec Sec Ops
Security in Software Development Lifecycle (for Multi Tired Application)

Training for IT Team

Introduction to Hacking & Cyber Attacks 
Understanding Networks & Servers 
Network Security Assessment 
Understanding Web Application Architecture & Vulnerabilities
Case Studies
Introduction to VAPT 
Risk & Threat Management
Global Information Security Frameworks & Standards
VAPT Reporting & Documentation
Vendor Security & Product Assessment
Configuration Security Management  
Incident Management 

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